Digital Identity in Aviation Driving Innovation Across the Sector

April 25
9:00 am



The objective of the webinar is to highlight the on-going development and global implementation of digital identity schemes and stimulate consideration of their relevance across various aspects of the aviation industry. Participants should learn about different initiatives underway in specific sectors of the industry and in national and regional governments that have applicability across different areas of aviation and beyond. They should be prompted to reflect on how such developments could support innovation in their aviation-related work.



Innovators, regulators, the industry and the research community.



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Ms. Annet Steenbergen
Digital Identity SME, Kenya/Netherlands/Aruba
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Mr. Steve Capell
Project Leader, United Nations Centre for Trade Facilitation and Electronic Business (UN/CEFACT)
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Patrick Patterson

President and Chief Executive Officer, Carillon Information Security  


Patrick Patterson has over 20 years experience developing Identity standards And managing deployments of Aerospace PKI standard implementations. During that time, he has provided expert guidance to various standards bodies, and authored large portions of standards such as ATA Spec 42, ATA Spec 2000 chapter 16, and his team has provided substantial support to various RTCA and ARINC working groups.


He is largely regarded as an extremely knowledgeable source for providing workable solutions to deploy digital identity solutions within the Aerospace sector, given the substantial challenges involved in this area.