CYBERSECURITY FORUM 2024 : Cybersecurity in the Global Postal Sector

April 25
9:00 am
 – 12:00 pm

The UPU, as the primary forum for fostering collaboration among global postal sector players, ensures a universal network of modern products and services. In line with its commitment to the security and resilience of the postal sector, the UPU International Bureau is organizing the Cybersecurity Forum 2024 in Berne, Switzerland, on 25 April 2024. The forum will seek to address the escalating cybersecurity challenges faced by the postal sector worldwide.

As the industry encounters a growing number of threats, including data breaches, ransomware attacks and phishing scams, the primary goal of the Cybersecurity Forum 2024 is to establish a collaborative platform designed to facilitate discussions, promote cooperation and enhance the sector’s resilience against cyber threats.

The forum will also help members to keep abreast of the latest developments, exchange best practices and collaborate on innovative solutions to cybersecurity challenges, ultimately contributing to a safer digital environment.

The Cybersecurity Forum 2024 is an essential step towards creating a safer digital environment for the global postal sector. By bringing together key stakeholders, the forum will serve as a catalyst for collaboration, knowledge exchange, and the development of innovative solutions to address the cybersecurity challenges faced by the industry.


9.00–9.05    Opening remarks 

  • Mr Masahiko Metoki, UPU Director General

9.05–9.10    Welcome remarks
                     Overview of the forum’s objectives of exploring and addressing cybersecurity challenges and
opportunities for innovation in the postal sector world-wide

  • Mr Jean-Paul Forceville, representing France, Chair of the Postal Operations Council

9.10–9.40    Keynote speech
                     Cyber threats in the postal sector

  • Ms Melissa Hathaway, Cyber Crime, Espionage and Security, Internet Policy and Infrastructure Expert and President, Hathaway Global Strategies LLC.

9.40–10.50    Panel 1: Cyber risk and threat landscape in the postal sector
Recent cybersecurity incidents in the postal sector, common threat vectors and vulnerabilities,
best practices in cybersecurity resilience, international collaboration for threat intelligence
sharing (ISAC highlighted)

  • Mr Massimilliano Aschi, Poste Italiane
  • Dr Tadas Jakstas, Team Lead – Cyber Security Capacity Building, NRD Cyber Security
  • Mr Lati Matata, Director, UPU Postal Technology Center
  • ​Mr Dave Clark, Deputy Director, Royal Mail Group

Moderator: Mr Paul Bean, Director, Security and Business Resilience, Royal Mail Group

10.50-11.00    Handover between panels

11.00–11.55    Panel 2: Innovations in cybersecurity resilience and hygiene
Cutting-edge approaches and technologies in postal sector training programmes aimed at
the evolving needs of cybersecurity. The discussion will explore strategies
enhancing the development of skills and promoting a culture of cybersecurity.

  • Mr Nagib Aouini, CEO and Founder, duo>key
  • Mr Martin Mmusi, General Manager IT, Botswana Post
  • Mr Sushan Banerjee, Global Securtiy Officer, Beyon Connect

Moderator: Ms Dawn Wilkes, UPU Postal Security Programme Manager

11.55–12.00    Closing remarks

  • Mr Marjan Osvald, UPU Deputy Director General