Science fiction meets policy | Policy meets science fiction

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What can sci-fi teach us about digital politics and its future?

What was once considered science fiction is becoming a reality at an accelerated pace. We will discuss what can be learned from the power of science fiction to articulate the unknown, create alternative worlds, and critique our current circumstances. Can this inform better digital policies? If so, how?

With this event, we want bring two very different constituencies together: Sci-fi authors and sci-fi enthusiasts on the one side, and policy makers, diplomats, and international relations professionals dealing with digital politics on the other. What discussions emerge and what lessons can be learned at the intersection of the two? What happens when science fiction and policy meet?

Join us on 15 January at 12:30-16:00 CET, at the WMO building, 2nd floor, Geneva. This event is part of our series of Geneva Digital Talks.

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For those who cannot join us and those who want to start reading on the topic, we have prepared a curated reading list – including books, short stories, and general reflections.

Please send your comments, follow our updates on sci-fi and policy, and join us on 15 January.

We look forward to seeing you for science fiction, speculation, and thinking about digital politics outside of the box.