Global Symposium for Regulators (GSR-20)

  • This event has passed.

The Regulatory Wheel of Change: Regulation for Digital Transformation​


As GSR celebrates its 20th edition, we will be celebrating 20 years of changing regulatory frameworks, presenting an updated 20th anniversary edition of the ICT Regulation Handbook as well as concrete guidance on steps that regulators can take to achieve meaningful connectivity for digital transformation.

GSR-20 will provide you with the opportunity to share experiences and knowledge, collaborate and identify evolving regulatory tools and approaches to bring affordable, safe, secure and trusted connectivity and online access and use to people everywhere.

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  • To kick off our celebrations of the 20th edition of GSR, we will hold a first session on 30 June 2020 with the Opening and Leadership Debate on:
    “Resilient and secure digital connectivity for all – COVID-19 Recovery and lessons learned for better preparedness and response”. ​​
  • From 5 July to 15 August 2020 (missing dates to be confirmed), a series of Special Regulatory Roundtable discussions will be held online, working with our regional colleagues, regional regulatory associations, and partner, and addressing the following themes:
      • Institutional governance and regulatory independence in a digital world
      • Spectrum allocation, valuation and temporary measures
      • Build back better: post COVID-19 preparedness and Digital Development Joint Action Plan
  • On 7 July 2020GSR 2020 Regional Regulatory Roundtable Discussion for Europe and CIS: The Regulatory Wheel of Change: Regulation for Digital Transformation ​


  • On 31 August 2020, we will hold the Regional Regulatory Associations meeting and the Industry Advisory Group for Development Issues and Private Sector Chief Regulatory Officer’s meeting (IAGDI-CRO) at the same time in different virtual rooms.
  • On 1 September 2020, we will hold the Heads of Regulators Executive Roundtable (upon invitation only), just before the main sessions of GSR.
  • The core sessions of GSR will be held from 1 to 3 September 2020 in short sessions over 3 hours each day. On 1 Septmber the opening session will take place from 14h00 until 14h15, again with short introductory remarks.