Bridging the Digital Innovation Divide: fundamentals on building a competitive digital innovation ecosystem

Reading the ITU toolkit Bridging the Digital Innovation Divide – A toolkit (I) for strengthening ICT-centric innovation ecosystem

Learning Outcome:

  • On completion of this course, the learner will know how to use ITUâs new toolkit (II) for developing sustainable ICT-centric ecosystem projects, and where to get further information and guidance from the ITU-Dâs Innovation unit on digital innovation.
  • The learner will be familiar with the Toolkits contents, its structure and the Tools it proposes.
  • The learner will know about the main aspects of the Toolkit, namely the ITU Analysis Framework, a set of tools to use of each stage of the innovation journey and case studies demonstrating the outputs of the using the Framework and tools.
  • The learner will learn how to apply the Toolkit in organizing and running workshops that will aid in the creation of relevant solutions and projects that will drive digital innovation in their own ecosystem.

Now that we have covered the context of and purpose of this course, let’s begin learning about ITUs Toolkit!