Creating Quality E-commerce Content

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This course introduces SMEs to the importance of creating quality e-commerce content for their online initiatives, presenting them with useful guidelines for content creation, both for individual products as well as for companies as a whole. It begins by defining the meaning of quality e-commerce content and the benefits which content can bring to an SME’s online activities, before moving on to discuss the various different types of content that can be created, their purpose and the stakeholders for which they are intended. Finally, it introduces tips and provides advice to assist SMEs creating e-commerce content that will be effective and ensure that online transactions take place smoothly and without issue.

After completing this course, participants will be able to:

  • Grasp the importance of having quality e-commerce content for an online initiative;
  • Describe the various aspects of product and company-oriented e-commerce content; and
  • Create product and company-oriented e-commerce content in accordance with specific quality guidelines.

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