Advisory Group on Advanced Technologies – 2nd Session


The second session of the Advisory Group on Advanced Technologies in Trade and Logistics is scheduled to take place in Geneva 25 November 2020. Participation in this session will be a key opportunity to be involved in ongoing work and setting the Group’s future agenda.

The UNECE Secretariat welcomes key stakeholders from all United Nations Member States to work closely to support the innovative implementations and practices in usage of Advanced Technologies. The Advisory Group is open to experts with the knowledge and experience to address its mandate, and should be drawn from governmental institutions, business, civil society, consumer organizations, and international organizations.


As we are approaching the 4th Industrial Revolution, advanced technologies carry a great promise and opportunities for social and economic sustainability, in order to better utilize our planet’s natural resources.

To provide more insight into the relation between technology and sustainability, the Advisory Group will focus its discussion on Circular Economy topics and present relevant advanced technologies and use cases that can support activities within the Circular Economy concept, in order to provide benefit to businesses and trading parties involved in sustainable international trade and value chains.

The Advisory Group will also provide updates on its progress of the Program of Work, past and ongoing activities, and discuss the next steps and areas of interest for the upcoming year 2021.