13th World Trade Promotion Organizations Conference

The conference will be rescheduled and the new dates will soon be announced

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Trade and investment promotion organizations will be important actors in the new decade – a period when the balance between people, planet and prosperity will gain importance.

Geo-political tensions, climate crisis, and threats to multilateralism, alongside digital and social revolutions are creating complexity and uncertainty. These conditions affect internationalizing firms – and set new opportunities and challenges for trade and investment promotion organizations (TIPOs), who will need to be resilient, innovative and agile. A bold TIPO creates a competitive advantage for the firms it serves by helping businesses to manage risks.

When TIPOs take on a role as risk reducers, their business model shifts, with a focus on medium and longer-term trade and investment outcomes rather than short-term wins.
At the World Trade Promotion Organisations Conference 2020 (WTPO 2020) we will explore how bold TIPOs can build their resilience in times of uncertainty and change. We will match experts and practitioners to share insights and examples of bold TIPOs supporting and improving MSME competitiveness and survival, while serving our communities and saving our planet.

Furthermore, we will share the characteristics of a problem-solving organization and an agile TIPO. We will discover examples of rapid response by TIPOs, and the underlying conditions that enable the right-sized and timely solution.

Join us in Accra on 27-28 May to learn about how future-focused, bold organizations can lead and support a shared vision for business of inclusive, sustainable trade with the SDGs as the lodestar!


Our two-day programme will address the current trade environment and the uncertainties that might arise, along with outlining what it will take for organizations to adapt and thrive in this context.


• Mapping the World in May 2020
• It’s the human being that counts

Our keynote speeches will address the ecological, digital, social and geopolitical revolutions that are changing the world and affecting trade, and outline the change in purpose and culture that organizations should undergo in advancing a human-centric approach.


• Implications of Geopolitics
• One pressing issue – a deep dive (topic TBD)

During these interview-style sessions we will gain an inside scoop on the trends that businesses and TIPOs currently have to adapt to.


• Think global, act local
• Bold, resilient, agile
• Doing good business: inclusive, sustainable trade
• Learning organizations
• Diversifying markets with agile networks

Our peer-to-peer sessions will zoom in on good practices and provide concrete insights into how to transform business models that meet the test of time.


• Bold leadership in times of change

An interactive session which will offer tips and tools for leading change in 2020.


Informal conversations with peers and partners, and the celebration of good practice and award-winning initiatives.

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