The digitalization of the economy is creating new opportunities for women in developing countries. But this potential is far from fully exploited for several reasons. Raising the profile of successful women leaders in e-commerce and the digital economy is an important first step towards this goal.

To that end, UNCTAD proposes to leverage its existing relationships with partners involved in eTrade for all to champion a new initiative: “The eTrade for all Network of Women in E-commerce” (eT4-Women).

This network aims to support women involved in e-commerce in developing countries by collecting, nurturing and showcasing the experiences of successful women leaders, providing them with opportunities to network, as well as a forum to make their voices heard in policy processes both domestically and internationally.

For whom?

The network will work towards profiling women leaders in the e-commerce. Putting forward high-level profiles of top women entrepreneurs in e-commerce will help demonstrate that women can overcome challenges and sustain e-commerce businesses successfully.


By building networks, raising awareness about key success stories, challenges, and pushing for policy change will strengthen women’s opportunities in e-commerce. Additionally, eT4Women will provide an online platform to enable structured exchanges of experiences and knowledge with a view of influencing policies that are relevant to their businesses.

I want to join

Shape the network with us and build the relevant value proposition for successful women leaders in e-commerce. Build bridges and advance solutions in policy making processes at a national, regional and global levels. Don’t miss this opportunity - for participating women leaders- to contribute to this nascent initiative from inception.

I want to stay informed

Don’t miss any useful updates on the evolution of the eT4W network and monitor how to best get involved in the future.

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