Xiaofei Yao

Former Advocate for China
Founder & CEO

Meet Xiaofei

Also known as the female Jack Ma, Xiaofei Yao Driven and ambitious, she started her career at Procter and Gamble in the UK. Xiaofei is now the founder of Rogrand, The largest pharmaceutical industry platform in China. Rogrand is a smart clinic mobile service platform and a health management tool. Her company aims at improving the supply chain and marketing efficiency for the pharmaceutical industry, enabling clients to offer effective investment promotion, drug business information promotion, drug flow analysis, enterprise certification promotion, online medical consultations and other services in a single platform. At present, the company’s business has covered 30 provinces in China, serving more than Thousands of pharmaceutical wholesale companies and Hundreds of thousands of pharmacies, clinics and medical institutions. It is the largest trading platform of the whole pharmaceutical industry chain combined with Internet in China.

Vision and Mission

Xiaofei’s vision is to help China’s pharmaceutical and health industry to build international influence and to provide support for the upgrading of the country’s pharmaceutical industry. She also strives to promote the overall implementation of the “healthy China” strategy.
It is critical to help other women understand the entrepreneurial journey and what they are signing up to, so they can be well prepared.

〜 Xiaofei Yao

Recognition and Awards

She is currently Vice-chairman of China Association of Pharmaceutical Commerce, Vice-chairman of China Pharmaceutical news and information Association, Vice-chairman of China chemical Pharmaceutical Industry Association and executive vice chairman of China food and drug regulatory council President of Healthcare Industry Innovation Alliance (HIIA). Xiaofei Yao has been a recurrent guest to the APEC conference and G20 summit in recognition of her efforts in leading the industry transformation. She was in 2018 awarded ‘New Economy Person of the Year’ by China finance summit.

In a Nutshell


  • Counts +500 employees
  • Covers +30 provinces in China to date
  • Serves hundreds of thousands of pharmacies, clinics and medical institutions