Vèna Arielle Ahouansou

Advocate for Francophone Africa
Kea Medicals
Co-Founder & CEO

Meet Vèna Arielle

Vena Arielle Ahouansou, a Beninese doctor and entrepreneur, founded Kea Medicals in 2017 with the vision of leveraging digital solutions to transform healthcare in Africa. After witnessing preventable deaths during her medical internship, particularly the tragic loss of a young mother due to delayed treatment, Arielle was determined to improve healthcare access and outcomes. Through Kea Medicals, she introduced universal health IDs, connecting various health institutions to facilitate efficient healthcare delivery. Arielle’s commitment to innovation and social impact has earned her recognition as one of Africa’s most promising entrepreneurs.

Early Milestones and Business Development

Kea Medicals emerged from Arielle’s resolve to rectify deficiencies in the healthcare system, which she observed firsthand during her medical studies at the University of Parakou’s Faculty of Medicine in Benin. During her studies, Arielle identified an opportunity to leverage digital technologies to improve patients’ data management and care and help save lives.

She launched the startup in 2017, introducing universal health IDs to improve diagnosis and treatment efficiency across health institutions. By providing patients with individual QR codes containing their medical history, Kea Medicals enables healthcare providers to access vital information instantly, saving crucial time in emergencies and enhancing patient care.

Achieving better healthcare outcomes requires innovation and determination. Through Kea Medicals, we are harnessing the power of technology to save lives and improve access to healthcare for all.

Social Impact

Arielle Ahouansou and her company, Kea Medicals, have made significant strides in promoting social impact through their innovative healthcare solutions. By providing universal health IDs and interconnecting various health institutions via the Kea platform, they have facilitated efficient healthcare delivery to users, transcending geographical barriers. Moreover, Arielle’s commitment to universal health identification stems from her firsthand experiences witnessing preventable deaths during her medical internship, driving her mission to avert such losses and improve healthcare access for all. Additionally, Arielle’s involvement in social projects, such as serving as a regional coordinator for the Health Sanitation and Hygiene Office and founding the NGO REFELD/MEN for women’s empowerment, underscores her dedication to broader societal welfare beyond Kea Medicals’ immediate impact.

Recognition and Awards

Arielle’s entrepreneurial journey has garnered recognition from prestigious platforms and organizations, including:

  • Top 20 Africa Business Heros
  • Laureate Cartier Women Initiative
  • World Summit Award
  • Prix Africa 35.35 de la francophonie
  • Forbes Africa Under 30
  • Grand Prix de l’innovation de la ville de Paris
  • 1er prix e-santé de la Conférence Internationale des Ministres de la Santé et de l’Économie Numérique (CIMSA)
  • SANOFI in Africa Prize
  • Most Innovative African Project Price
  • Startup of the Year- International Show of Africa’s Digital Startup
  • Top 15 African Innovative Digital startup
  • Women In Africa Entrepreneur Prize
  • Tony Elumelu Entrepreneur
  • Africa Peace Builder Award
  • Top 20 Most Promising Young African Women

In a Nutshell

Kea Medicals revolutionizes patient data management with individualized QR barcode-based Universal Medical Identities (UMIs), facilitating swift access to comprehensive medical histories for healthcare professionals, ensuring efficient diagnosis and treatment.