Pierangela Sierra

Former Advocate for Latin America
Member of the eTrade for Women Advisory Committee
Co-Founder & CEO
Agribusiness, E-Commerce, Food

Meet Pierangela

Pierangela is the founder of Tipti (Tiempo para ti), a mobile and web platform for supermarket shopping and delivery which helps to make lives of thousands of Ecuadorians way easier. Pierangela is a problem-solver who does not take “no” for an answer. Passionate about leading projects, Pierangela does not shy away from challenging objectives, and enjoys gathering enthusiastic teams to turn disruptive ideas into reality.

Early Milestones and Business Development

Pierangela came to entrepreneurship with a vast experience in innovation and marketing in the biggest multinational companies in Latin America: she worked for 10 years at Colgate-Palmolive and over 14 years at the Coca-Cola Company, managing transformational processes’s innovation and building company categories and brands in Ecuador and Colombia. In 2016, together with Rafael Luque, she decided to give a sharp turn to her career and to embrace digitalization: together with her business partner, she revolutionized the Ecuadorian industry by launching the fastest growing e-commerce company in the country: Tipti. S.A. which stands for “Time for you”. Based on a personalized service model, which they have designed, they add value to their users and generate a unique shopping experience by offering door-to-door delivery services of groceries.

Women have less opportunities to be heard, and are less trusted. Yet they generate jobs and build sustainable businesses.

Social Impact

As a creative and a positive leader, Pierangela is capable of training and building individual talent as well as high-performance teams. She enjoys participating in spaces where she can contribute to people’s development and share her knowledge, encouraging and motivating people to achieve their goals. Family environment is a priority to her, so she has constantly looked for ways of balancing professional and personal life, being part of each stage of her children’s development, while building her career. And she is willing to share her experience with other women professionals and show them to take care of a family while having a successful career.

Recognition and Awards

Pierangela is currently the Director of the Ecuadorian-American Chamber of Commerce and part of Women for Ecuador.

In a Nutshell

  • Amongst top 100 companies with best reputation in Ecuador 
  • Over 300 employees 
  • Over 130 000 families served