Nazanin Daneshvar
Nazanin Daneshvar

Nazanin Daneshvar

Former Advocate for Western Asia
Member of the eTrade for Women Advisory Committee
Founder & CEO

Meet Nazanin

Born and raised in Teheran, Nazanin is a serial entrepreneur and proficient software developer with over 17 years of experience in the E-Commerce field.

Early Milestones and Business Development

She started with her sister, and together they grew the business from 2 people to over 250 people in 8 years. Funny enough, in the first year of her business Nazanin had to pretend that her father was the manager of the business to get contracts signed with potential business partners, as people would not believe she was the head of the company.

There are still difficulties we pass by as a woman entrepreneur. But we have the capacity to either find a way or make a way.

Recognition and Awards

Fast forward to today is the biggest female-founded company still operating in Teheran. The company now supports all sorts of discount and is serving millions of customers from all over Iran. Additionally, Nazanin is a supporter of the Iranian start-up movement, where she encourages leadership among women. She is a frequent public speaker in her field and has acted as mentor at many prominent start-up and technology events. Her work has been acclaimed by publications such as The Financial Times, Forbes, Washington Post, Der Spiegel, and The Guardian, among others. Nazanin has been recognized as Young Entrepreneur of the Year by the Confederation of Asia-Pacific Chambers of Commerce and Industry (CACCI).

In a Nutshell

Takhfifan :

  • +250 employees across country
  • 2 offices in Teheran
  • It serves +70.000 merchants via the platforms

The company acquired its main competitor in 2019