Clarisse Iribagiza

Former Advocate for Anglophone Africa
Member of the eTrade for Women Advisory Committee
HeHe Labs
Founder & CEO

Meet Clarisse

Clarisse is the CEO and co-founder of HeHe Limited, a leading technology company that develops innovative technologies that enable businesses to optimize their operations and reach more customers anywhere and on the go. She has computer scientist background and is based in Rwanda. Fun Fact about Clarisse: she won season 1 of the East African entrepreneur reality TV show “Inspire Africa” in 2012.

Early Milestones and Business Development

From an early age, Clarisse had an affinity for technology and loved problem solving. She started her business while still studying Computer Engineering at the University of Rwanda’s College of Science and Technology. Thanks to her discipline and her passion, she launched HeHe during an MIT-run incubation program in 2010. And she was only 22.

We need to continue supporting innovation and initiatives such as eTrade for Women to bridge the digital divide.

Social Impact

Clarisse has a vision: to enable African businesses to have access to the technology and the digital tools they need for their growth. Driven by the vision to digitize Africa’s supply chains to match demand and supply, HeHe (which means “where” in Kinyarwanda) enables businesses to reach their customers more efficiently by offering their products and services on demand. HeHe is now the largest e-commerce business in Rwanda, digitizing over 150 businesses, 60% of which are female-led and serving 2 million consumers while focusing on logistics, especially the last mile. In 2014, HeHe launched a Research and Innovation lab with an award-winning annual Fellowship intended to groom the next generation of problem solvers by exposing them to the realities of emerging technologies and their applications, through hands-on training in relevant technology fields, critical thinking and leadership skills, while inspiring them to be at the forefront of the continent’s development. Close to 500 young people have benefited from this program, 69% being female.

Recognition and Awards

For her work, Clarisse has won several accolades:  

  • Forbes 30 under 30 for 2015 and 2016.  
  • One of the “20 movers and shakers of Africa” named at the continent CEO Summit in 2012. 
  •  Recognized as one of the Imbuto Foundation’s “Celebrating Young Rwandan Achievers by Jeannette Kagame, the First Lady of Rwanda. 
  • One of OkayAfrica’s 100 Women in 2017 

AlsoClarisse sits on the African Development Bank’s Presidential Youth Advisory Group. 

In a Nutshell

HeHe Labs :

  • 22 full-time employees
  • > 56% of employees are women
  • 12.000 customers in Rwanda
  • +2 million users across Africa