Digital Nation Hackathon

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Are you ready to think and act big? Do you want to innovate the lives of people all over the world? Garage48, e-Residency and Age Creative proudly present: Digital Nation Hackathon: Vormsi 2.0.

It’s no secret that our e-governance and digital transformation know-how is unique and as a country we would like to share it with the rest of the world – the e-Residency program is probably one of the most innovative and groundbreaking ideas that a country has implemented in the last decades. Being an e-Resident can literally change someone’s life because it empowers you with the tools to manage your business completely online as a foreigner. Sounds amazing, right? But even great things need to evolve and become better.

That’s why, as part of the e-Residency 2.0 initiative, we are looking to find new and innovative ways to improve the program and add new tools and services to the repertoire of our e-Residents.

In a nutshell: solutions and services that can really change the world of e-Residency as a program and life of e-Residents! The future is already here, but it needs to become excellent. This means, at the end of the event, we do not want to see any slides or PowerPoint presentations. We want real prototypes!

These are the problems and challenges that e-Residents and e-Residency as a program are facing today:

  • Finding business banking services and payment solutions can be difficult for e-Residents.
  • E-Residency is useful for starting a company, but what other services can Estonia offer to e-Residents? Is it e-commerce solutions, insurance, healthcare packages?
  • How can e-Residents grow their companies in Estonia and find new clients?
  • How can e-Residents find each other, be more visible, network and find new opportunities within the e-Residents community?
  • How can e-Residents connect more with Estonia and develop a relationship beyond businesses?

We really want you to think outside the borders and come up with ideas that are useful and can be adopted for the community.

People with crazy enough ideas to come and spend a weekend in one of the most magical islands of Estonia in order to create working prototypes in an unforgiving 48-hour time frame.

We invite current and future e-Residents, digital nomads, stakeholders from the public and private sector and other participants with different skill-sets: UX and UI designers, front and back end developers, lawyers or people with legal background, entrepreneurs and visionaries to come together for a weekend of hacking for the future of our digital nation.

Solutions that can really help to make the e-Residency program better and take it to the next level will be awarded with monetary prizes: 3000€ for the Winners, 1000€ for the 1st and 2nd Runner Ups! The e-Residency team is also offering some support for the winning teams to turn their ideas and prototypes into something real and life changing by helping to incorporate it directly into the core e-Residency product.

But remember, as we always say in Garage48: everyone who survives a weekend of hacking is already a winner.

Let’s do things differently! If you’re crazy enough to get lost in the beautiful nature for a weekend and come up with life changing solutions, then join us on the 13th – 15h of September on Vormsi island.

Trip to Vormsi from and back to Tallinn, food and refreshments throughout the weekend, awesome mentors and lots of inspiration provided for free!

For the main agenda of the event, please check the AGENDA tab. NB! Schedule is tentative, changes are possible to happen.