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16 March 2020

ITC Fast Tracking Digital Entrepreneurship in Africa

3 March 2020

CUTS – Leveraging e-commerce opportunities in developing countries

2 March 2020

ESCWA – Cyber Legislation in the Arab region

14 November 2019

ITC Supply Chain Management Programme

9 August 2019

UNIDO Online E-commerce Training Course

28 May 2019

UPU: Operational Readiness for Ecommerce (ORE)

UPU: Paperless customs clearance of postal items

WIPO: Resolving disputes in an online environment: the UDRP and e-commerce

26 June 2018

ITU Academy

19 June 2018

DiploFoundation: Interactive capacity development and training in digital commerce

UPU: Financial Inclusion Technical Assistance Facility (FITAF)

18 June 2018

ITC: SME Trade Academy

17 May 2018

UNCTAD: E-Commerce and Law Reform Programme – Developing legal frameworks to build trust

7 May 2018

World Economic Forum: Internet for All

13 March 2018

UNCTAD: eT Ready – Rapid eTrade Readiness Surveys of Least Developed Countries

23 January 2018

World Economic Forum – Promoting Global Financial Inclusion

The World Bank: Combatting Cybercrime – Tools and capacity building to tackle cybercrime

8 December 2017

World Economic Forum: Digital Trade Programme

UNECLAC: Digital Agenda for Latin America and the Caribbean (eLAC2018)

9 November 2017

WCO: E-Commerce web-corner at the World Customs Organization

19 April 2017


ISOC: Promoting Internet access for social and economic progress

18 April 2017

UNCTAD: Strengthening institutions and building capacities on consumer protection

The World Bank: e-Trade for development

ITU: ICT Statistics – More reliable data for better e-commerce strategies

UNCITRAL: Law On Electronic Commerce

UNECE: Trade Facilitation and electronic business

UNCTAD: Trade Logistics – Transport and Trade Facilitation for Development

UNCTAD: TrainForTrade – Strengthening knowledge and skills through innovative approaches

6 April 2017

Estonia: e-Residency – Bringing Europe’s e-commerce opportunities to developing countries

5 April 2017

UPU: Ensuring universal e-commerce inclusion – easy export and import via the postal network

30 March 2017

UNCTAD: ICT Policy Review Programme (ICTPR) – an Integrated Strategic Framework for E-commerce

27 February 2017

ITC ecomConnect Programme: together on the way to sell online