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Created in 2012

32 activities carried out


  • Building Skills and Training
  • Capacity Building and Development
  • Research, Reports and Evaluations

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Launched in October 2012, the ITU Academy is an ITU capacity building initiative that gathers under one umbrella all existing ITU training services corresponding to the organization’s main areas of activity:

  • Radiocommunications
  • Telecommunications standardization
  • Telecommunications development

These cutting-edge training services are based on pedagogical, technological and technical expertise, organized by Categories and Region. To guarantee quality and innovation, ITU partners with various training providers (Centres of Excellence (CoEs), Internet Training Centres (ITCs) as well as academic institutions and the private sector. The programme is enhanced and nourished by the learning resources (annual expert publications), ICT Capacity Building Symposium (CBS) and ITU Regional Workshops on Internet Governance.

The courses are based on a personalized service approach offering multiple delivery channels (face-to-face, blended, self-paced and instructor led e-learning) as well as a follow-up with participants after completion of the programmes. Fees are applicable and depend on the course and the status of the participants. Each course is delivered in one specific language: English, French or Spanish.

At the end, the participants receive a Certificate of completion. Some of the courses, such as the ITU Spectrum Management Training Programme (SMTP) are awarded by prestigious labels. (e.g. the Central Evaluation and Accreditation Agency (ZEvA) ).

  • Building Skills and Training

    • The ITU Academy Portal offers a wide range of e-commerce environment-related courses


      • Single visibility on ITU training activities
      • Multiple delivery channels: face-to-face, blended, self-paced and instructor-led e-learning
      • Content and courseware for teaching and training modules
      • Foundational knowledge resources on various ICT and capacity building related topics
      • Harmonised quality standards, instructional design, media-rich presentation formats
      • Different knowledge depths for different learners
      • Social networking and collaboration opportunities


      • Business and Management for ICT
      • Policy and Regulation, including such topics as Cybersecurity, Risks and Opportunities in ICT sector, M-payments environment
      • Technologies and services, including IoT, Optical Fiber, Spectrum Management Training Programme (SMTP), Broadband Internet Access, Cybersecurity.

      To find out more, visit the the ITU Academy Portal and check the ITU Academy User Manuals at the bottom of the ITU Academy Portal web page.

  • Capacity Building and Development

    • Symposiums

      Since 2008, renewed every 2-4 years, The ITU Global ICT Capacity Building Symposiums (CBS) bring together stakeholders from across the world to discuss trends and developments in the ICT sector and their implications for capacity building and human skills development.

      These events provide an opportunity for participants to:

      • Share best practices and experiences from all over the world;
      • Undertake in-depth analysis of human capacity development in order to improve skills in the development and use of ICTs
      • Explore new trends on the role of training institutions in a constantly changing ICT environment;
      • Strengthen the collaboration among global ICT human capacity development community;
      • Develop and launch concrete partnerships aimed at mobilizing resources to address global needs.

      Discover the latest 2016 ITU Global ICT Capacity Building Symposium (CBS) Website, Video and Publication here

      To know more about the ITU Global ICT Capacity Building Symposium (CBS)


    • Regional workshops

      In 2017, ITU Academy initiated a series of new Regional workshops intended to feed into the further developments of the ITU Academy training programmes.

      The first of the series was The ITU regional workshops on “Strengthening capacities in international Internet governance”(Brazil, August, 2017). Organized by the Telecommunication Development Bureau (BDT) of the ITU, in partnership with DiploFoundation and National Telecommunications Agency of Brazil (ANATEL), the objective of the workshop was to strengthen capacities of the ITU membership in the field of international Internet governance.

      To know more about the ITU regional workshops

  • Research, Reports and Evaluations

    • A global platform for research and international dialogue on trends and developments in the ICT Capacity Building sector

      Capacity Building in a Changing ICT Environment (2017)

      Released annually, this publication puts together scholarly articles with a focus on the human and institutional aspects of capacity building in the telecommunications/ICT sector. It covers a wide range of ICT topics that may affect people and their skills development.

      The first issue of this publication focuses on mobile technologies for skills development and lifelong learning. It features the work of an international team of experts, tackling the issues in an analytical, critical and conceptual fashion.

      The articles in this issue explore the increasing power of mobile devices in bringing the benefits of ICTs to more people worldwide. They are a contribution to the current discussions on the educational applications of mobile technologies and their potential to enhance and facilitate lifelong learning and skills development.

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