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Promoting Internet Access

For social and economic progress

Program in a Nutshell

Created in 1992

1 activities carried out​


  • Building Skills and Training
  • Policy Advice, Support and Formulation
  • Technical Assistance and Support

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This programme aims to promote the growth of the Internet in a way that benefits everyone, everywhere. By offering independent support and advice on Internet governance, technology and development, it helps you connect remote regions, promote sustainable policy-making and build digital skills within communities.

The focus is on local actions and global diversity. Through special events, grants, and expert advice, the programme empowers you to grow the Internet as a platform for economic development and social progress. This includes the development of e-commerce.

The programme is run by The Internet Society, whose mission is to increase access to and build trust in the Internet. Through its Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), it plays a leading role in the continued development of open standards.


    • Benefit from hands-on technical training workshops specially designed for developing countries
    • Establish regional training sessions to suit a range of skills
    • Grow local expertise through online courses, Internet leadership seminars, ambassadorships and internships
    • Get access to Internet workshops from leading instructors, combining hands-on training with interactive exercises
    • Get expert support in creating policy frameworks and policy briefs to support equal access to the Internet
    • Benefit from policy advice on a range of topics, including creating an open and trusted Internet, enabling Internet access and developing a multi-stakeholder model

Impact Stories

  • Thanks to the Internet Development programme, the African Union (AU) benefited from technical assistance in establishing Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) in its member states. The aim was to keep Africa’s Internet traffic local to the continent by establishing both National and Regional IXPs. To achieve this, 60 community mobilization and technical workshops were organized in 30 African countries.

  • As part of this programme, the Internet Society works with the African Network Operators Group (AfNOG) to organize a hands-on technical training workshop. Held every year since 2000, the AfNOG workshop offers advanced training to people developing and enhancing Internet-connected networks, both regionally and internationally. In 2016, the workshop attracted more than 300 participants, including Internet Service providers, telecommunications companies, government officials, regulators, civil society, and research and education specialists. Topics related to e-commerce included cyber security and mobile networking, and the event was also an important opportunity for participants to exchange with peers.

    Since 2008, additional training has been organized at a local level, with sessions focusing on more advanced technical issues. In its first 5 years, this initiative trained over 1,500 people from 15 different countries.

  • 1500
    trained in 5 years
    > 300
    at 2016 workshop

For Whom

Parliamentarians: ParliamentariansPolicy makers: Policy makersPoliticians: PoliticiansBusiness Associations: Business AssociationsCorporations: CorporationsMSMEs: MSMEsSMEs: SMEsExperts: Experts



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