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Estonia e-Residency

Bringing Europe’s e-commerce opportunities to developing countries

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Created in 2014

1 activities carried out​


  • Capacity Building and Development
  • Policy Advice, Support and Formulation
  • Technical Assistance and Support


The Republic of Estonia

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The e-Residency programme offers people from developing countries access to the digital infrastructure and legal frameworks of Estonia so they can capitalize on the opportunities of e-commerce.

Thanks to a simple online application process, applicants can quickly obtain a a government-issued transnational digital identity. Once confirmed as Estonian e-Residents, they can then register a company online, perform e-banking transac- tions, access international payment service providers, declare taxes online, manage a company remotely, and digitally sign documents and contracts. They also benefit from the EU’s legal framework – and the increased perception of trust that goes with it.

The programme is aimed at anyone interested in running a location-independent international business. Applicants are required to pay a nominal fee and must pick up their e-Residency identity card from an Estonian embassy anywhere in the world.


    • Give entrepreneurs and businesses access to the digital infrastructure of an EU country
    • Increase your country’s potential for international e-trade
    • Reduce start-up and maintenance costs for local e-businesses
    • Promote financial inclusion and location-independent business
    • Allow local companies to benefit from the legal framework of the European Union
    • Develop an enabling policy environment for business and e-commerce
    • Eliminate national borders and restrictions
    • Enhance your physical communications infrastructure


  •  Remote management

    Access to fintech services, enabling global business

    Hassle-free administration

    Thanks to the e-Residency programme, companies can be created more easily – and much faster. The streamlined online process makes it simpler to establish, register and administer a new Estonian company. In 2009, the time required to register a company was recorded at just 18 minutes – earning the programme a place in the Guinness World Records for the “fastest time to register a new legal entity”.
    Find out here steps to register

  • What we aim to do is to create a worldwide virtual business environment, where people from both the developed and developing countries can easily become entrepreneurs and start doing business anywhere in the world. Physical national borders and restrictions will no longer present an obstacle. You can start a business, open bank accounts, make transac- tions, sign contracts and even declare taxes, all on your computer
    Kaspar Korjus
    Favourable conditions for growing e-commerce
    Estonian e-Residency Program Director.
  • Favourable conditions for growing e-commerce

    With the e-Residency programme, companies all over the world have easier access to the e-commerce market.

    The e-Residency identity card, which is valid for five years, allows its holder to digitally sign, authenticate and encrypt documents. It also opens up access to international payments providers, such as Google and PayPal, and to fintech services.


    Furthermore, the programme offers paperless administration and a simple tax system with a 0% corporate income tax as long as profits are reinvested in the company. Such conditions are very favourable for the development of e-commerce, especially in the SME sector.

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