All about the eCommerce week- April edition of the eTrade for all Newsletter

For this April edition, we will take you to the UNCTAD eCommerce Week, just as if you were there. The eCommerce Week has become over the years the leading global forum where public and private stakeholders, as well as civil society, engage in a conversation about the development implications of the digital economy.

The 2018 theme, “Development Dimensions of Digital Platforms”, was  timely matched by the last revelations on the data-driven economy. 

The eCommerce week 2018 edition in a nutshell, it is:




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But the April edition of the newsletter, it’s also the latest news about your eTrade for all initiative!

eTrade for all is pleased to introduce its first Year in Review 2017-2018. The report gives you an insight into the eTrade for all initiative, from its creation in July 2016, to the growing global partnership it is today. It also highlights some of the milestones of the year as well as the way forward.



“MyeT4a” – A new private collaborative tool to connect: (Launched during the eCommerce Week 2018)

Being part of this community means having a preferential access to this e-commerce one-stop shop: through a secure path, MyeT4a members will be able to take full ownership of the tools available. 


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