A new banking and bookkeeping digital solution available for e-Residency programme members

Last week, Holvi, a Finnish financial institution and e-Residency launched a partnership that will provide access to EU business banking to everyone in the world who has established a business through e-Residency. In addition, e-Residency will provide an e-commerce “business toolset”, that includes, among other things, digital invoicing and bookkeeping, and the ability to set up an online store in minutes to start selling products internationally. You can learn more here: https://about.holvi.com/e-residents/


The rollout is gradual, so at the moment it is only open to residents of the European Economic Area, but in a few weeks it will be available internationally (except for the U.S. and the 11 countries that are in the FATF high-risk list).


“We are very excited about this partnership as it will allow e-residents from developing countries to have a more inclusive and accessible alternative to Estonian banks when trying to opening a business bank account. “,

Daniela Godoy,

Head of Internationalization e-Residency program Government of Estonia