What is at stake

E-commerce is increasingly influencing the way enterprises interact among themselves, and with consumers and governments:

  • It can be a driver of economic growth, inclusive trade and job-creation; including in low-income countries.
  • It can also be a catalyst for the transition of trade transactions involving micro, small and medium-size enterprises (MSMEs) from the informal to the formal sector and from domestic to international markets.
  • Improved ICT and transport connectivity, better legal and regulatory frameworks and new e-commerce and payment solutions are enabling more countries to take advantage of opportunities offered by online commerce.
  • However, significant divides remain. Most people and MSMEs – especially in the developing world – have yet to start using the Internet, let alone leverage the potential that e-commerce has to offer.

$25.3 trillion

the estimated worth of the global e-commerce market in 2015

850 million

the number of online shoppers in the world’s top 10 e-commerce markets

3.5 billion

Internet users across the world in 2016

47 %

of the people around the world could theoretically make online purchases from different locations