The eTrade for all platform

At the heart of the initiative is the eTrade for all online platform, a new information-hub to help developing countries navigate the wealth of technical and financial services available  to drive development through e-commerce. Through the platform, they can connect with potential partners,  learn about trends and best practices access up-to-date e-commerce data and be informed about upcoming e-commerce related events.

The eTrade for all platform is organized around  7 key policy areas of particular relevance to e-commerce development.

For Whom

Developing countries

Through the eTrade for all platform, government officials and policy makers can get a clearer view of how to drive development through e-commerce. The platform provides a user-friendly interface to make information easy to find. Here you can:

  • Get a better understanding of the opportunities and challenges of e-commerce
  • Explore the partners’ offer to build your capacities to drive e-commerce for development
  • Identify the right development solutions for your needs
  • Learn from other countries’ experience
  • Connect with potential partners


The eTrade for all platform gives donors a clearer picture of the technical assistance programmes they can fund and helps them better assess the results the programmes deliver. Here you can:

  • Get a better understanding of funding options
  • Hear voices from the field to get a hands-on perspective
  • Benefit from greater transparency and aid efficiency
  • Be part of a network of donors working together to drive e-commerce growth


For partners, eTrade for all is an additional  opportunity to provide clear information about their e-commerce programmes in a user-friendly way – and to be part of network of partners working together to improve e-commerce services. Here you can:

  • Raise awareness of your programmes
  • Connect with new audiences
  • Exchange, learn and foster synergies with other partners and international initiatives
  • Work with other partners to avoid duplication of work and enhance efficiency

Unique Tools

The eTrade for all platform is both a hub of information about e-commerce development and a forum for exchange between different stakeholders. Discover the platform’s key tools below.

Development Solutions
The Development Solutions are the core of the eTrade for all platform. They present the different programmes run by our partners to help countries develop e-commerce. Solutions cover a wide range of needs, from infrastructure support and skill building to financial services and trade facilitation.
Countries can search the full range of services and access detailed summaries of any solution. They can then easily contact potential partners.
Discover the Development Solutions


Success stories
Many partners provide real-world examples of how their Development Solution has benefited others. These success stories help countries better understand the practical benefits of the solution, while best practices can also offer ideas and inspiration for developing e-commerce.

Useful data
One of the key objectives of eTrade for all is to provide more reliable and comparable statistics on e-commerce. Through the platform, users can consult up-to-date e-commerce data, indicators and research – including statistics about e-commerce readiness by country.
Discover Data and Indicators


Interactive calendar
In just one click, visitors can view upcoming e-commerce events and news from our partners.
Discover the News and Events


Discover the e Trade for all platform, have a look at our Development Solutions and get started with our unique tools!