The eTrade for all platform

At the heart of the initiative is the eTrade for all online platform, a new information-hub to help developing countries navigate the wealth of technical and financial services available  to drive development through e-commerce. Through the platform, they can connect with potential partners,  learn about trends and best practices access up-to-date e-commerce data and be informed about upcoming e-commerce related events.

The eTrade for all platform is organized around  7 key policy areas of particular relevance to e-commerce development.

For Whom

Developing countries

Through the eTrade for all platform, government officials and policy makers can get a clearer view of how to drive development through e-commerce. The platform provides a user-friendly interface to make information easy to find. Here you can:

  • Get a better understanding of the opportunities and challenges of e-commerce
  • Explore the partners’ offer to build your capacities to drive e-commerce for development
  • Identify the right development solutions for your needs
  • Learn from other countries’ experience
  • Connect with potential partners


The eTrade for all platform gives donors a clearer picture of the technical assistance programmes they can fund and helps them better assess the results the programmes deliver. Here you can:

  • Get a better understanding of funding options
  • Hear voices from the field to get a hands-on perspective
  • Benefit from greater transparency and aid efficiency
  • Be part of a network of donors working together to drive e-commerce growth


For partners, eTrade for all is an additional  opportunity to provide clear information about their e-commerce programmes in a user-friendly way – and to be part of network of partners working together to improve e-commerce services. Here you can:

  • Raise awareness of your programmes
  • Connect with new audiences
  • Exchange, learn and foster synergies with other partners and international initiatives
  • Work with other partners to avoid duplication of work and enhance efficiency


Discover the e Trade for all platform, have a look at our Development Solutions and get started with our unique tools!