A Digital Agenda for the Pacific Alliance : tangible and concrete top priorities

A Proposal for Next Steps and Priorities

The purpose of this report is to unpack the Digital Agenda of the Pacific Alliance (“PA”) in tangible and concrete top priorities. It seeks to help the PA learn best practices from other countries and organizations. It makes proposals and action plans that are doable through regulation and will have an immediate and practical impact on the people and businesses in the region.This document will be presented during the Digital Trade Group’s meeting in May 2018 for discussion.


The document sets up a list of top priorities in developing the Digital Agenda. It conducts comparative studies and looks closely at regional organizations like APEC, BRIC, EU, and MERCOSUR, as well as international institutions like the International Trade Center (“ITC”), World Bank, WTO, etc. In addition, successful precedents and best practices are drawn from countries like China, Finland, the United States, and other leading predecessors in the development of a digital economy. The priorities are categorized under Low-Hanging Fruit and High Reaching objectives. Low-Hanging Fruit identify measures that (i) are easily achievable through regulation, (ii) are concrete, and (iii) have immediate effects. High Reaching priorities, on the other hand, are longer-term measures that usually require investment in infrastructure and logistics systems. Nevertheless, they are necessary for the sustained development of a digital economy.

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Discover the list summarizing the Low-Hanging Fruit and the key actions to be taken by the Pacific Alliance.