Helping developing countries harness e-commerce and digital trade for development

Connecting the dots for an inclusive digital economy


A Global Partnership

The eTrade for all initiative contributes to building a more inclusive and sustainable future for all economies, by turning digital opportunities into development gains.
This unique partnership connects the dots between:

Get a clearer view of the resources available on e-commerce and the digital economy

Identify the right technical assistance programme through our Development Solutions

Connect with relevant partners able to assist them in one or more of the 7 policy areas


Increase awareness about their available technical assistance programmes through our Development Solutions

Raise the profile of their digital agenda

Benefit from concrete opportunities to support countries in their field of expertise through a collaborative approach.


Get a clearer picture of technical assistance programme and projects meeting their development priorities in one or more of the 7 policy areas

Benefit from increased transparency and aid efficiency in the digital for development area


7 Policy Areas

E-commerce is holistic in nature.

To help countries identify opportunities and bottlenecks when engaging in e-commerce, which can be a powerful engine to spur growth and development, relevant issues have been categorized into seven key policy areas:


A Global Helpdesk


These technical assistance factsheets present the capacity building programs of our partners related to the digital economy. With these Development Solutions, our beneficiaries can identify the programmes of interest to their countries and get in touch directly with the corresponding eTrade for all partner. Start a conversation and find out how to benefit from these programs.


Our up-to-date country profiles offer relevant key data and indicators to assess the ereadiness of countries in our 7 policy areas.

Search our database to have a better view of the e-commerce environment in the country of your interest.


Impact on UN Sustainable Development Goals

Target 8.1 : Increased eTrade for all support to developing countries, and in particular least developed countries, to harness the benefits of e-commerce and digital economy for inclusive and sustainable development.

Target 17.9 : Enhanced international support, including North-South, South-South and triangular cooperation, through eTrade for all, for effective and targeted capacitybuilding on e-commerce and digital economy in developing countries, with a view to support inclusive economic development.